Wave Entertainment Public Company Limited

Wave Entertainment Public Company Limited (“WAVE” or the “Company”) had been changed from its former name “CVD Entertainment Public Company Limited” to its current name since 30 April 2009, was incorporated on 2 September 1993 with the current registered and paid-up capital of Baht 421.20 Million, divided into 421.20 million ordinary shares with a par value of baht 1 each. The initial objective of WAVE was to manufacture blank video tape cassettes (V-O) and video tape cassettes with magnetic tapes (V-cassettes). At present, WAVE Group has changed from Entertainment to Lifestyle & Entertainment. WAVE Group conducts the following businesses as follows:

Television programs producer and distributor

Concert and events organizing services

Copyright owner and distributor Thai dramas of Channel 3

English language school business under the trade name of “Wall Street English” (“WSE”)

Restaurant business under the trade name of “Jeffer Steak & Seafood”

Service business for creation and management of integrated marketing communications