Service business for creation and management of integrated marketing communications
Operated by Index Creative Village Public Company Limited (“Index”)

Index Creative Village Public Company Limited is the conglomerate group of Creative Business Leaders in Thailand. The agency receives accolade in 7th Agency in World class ranking from Special Events Magazine U.S.A.

Nature of Business

The company is not strong in the event only but also operating under the creative diversity. For over 25 years, the company works for local and oversea, especially the Thailand Pavilion at The World Exposition 2010 event in Shanghai, China. The Thailand Pavilion has been ranked as the nation's top 1-10 from popular building which ranked by more than 230 countries worldwide and reputed Thailand building design to be recognized and can support travelling in Thailand.

Moreover, the Company has created a reputation for the country in the International Exposition 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea and became popular pavilions from around the world and received many world class award.

Furthermore, the Company has another branch in Myanmar and Vietnam and partner in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Currently the Company is a ‘Hub of Creativity’ in ASEAN which can sever customer demand in every dimension by ‘Never Stop Creating’ slogan by separate operations in 4 core business group.

  1. Creative Solutions: Marketing Services with Creativities , which include...
    1. Event Creator: expert in organizing creative events
    2. TV Production: creating unique programs using new ideas
    3. Digital Online: offer advice and form on-line/mobile marketing plans as well as mobile applications
    4. In-store Media: communicating with shoppers via conventional and innovative media
    5. Communications: strategically plan communication and PR plans
    6. Museum and Exhibition: plan the strategy and management plan for organizing roadshows, permanent exhibitions and museums
  2. Marketing Services, offering services which support marketing, which include...
    1. Research Consulting: advisory in marketing research and consumers' behavior
    2. Marketing Consulting: study the feasibility and analytical strategic plan
    3. Equipment Supply: offer rental services of supplies essential for full-scale marketing events
    4. Printing and Decoration: Providing all types of print jobs, including any decoration for shopping mall, restaurant and the office
    5. Party and event
    6. Production of video presentations with computer graphics, 3D animation and editing studio.
  3. ASEAN Wings: the regional business supporter, offering creative marketing services in ASEAN as we expand our business in to other Southeast Asian countries, such as Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.
  4. Lifestyle Experience:

    the business that creates new experience and serves the consumers lifestyle in the aspects of entertainment and daily living. This is the collaboration between Index Creative Village and Wave Entertainment.

    1. Domestic & International Concert: organize concerts within Thailand and abroad
    2. Showbiz: the alternative of stage performance with a mixture of advanced technology
    3. Live Festival: the modern performance and spectacular festivals
    4. Traveling Exhibitions: organizing roadshows and mobile exhibitions across Thailand and abroad
    5. Academy : center of sharing business experiences knowledge and management through professional with carious industries to drive the Thai SMes or the beginner person to start the new business become successful with utmost efficiency.