Business Service concerning Food and Beverages
on behalf of JEFFER STEAK & SEAFOOD.

Jeffer Restaurant Company is under the trademark “Jeffer”

Jeffer Restaurant Company is under the trademark “Jeffer” and it is primarily a steak restaurant which has a diversity of choices on its menu to select from. For example, popular foods on the menu include beef steak, chicken, pork, fish, seafood, soup and salad. We want to create a different style of menu and choices as a key selling point to our customers.

Business Service concerning
Food and Beverages on behalf of JEFFER STEAK & SEAFOOD.

A distinctive feature of Jeffer’s menu is that customers can choose between any two steak choices (beef, pork, chicken, or fish) and we call this “Steak Your Way”. This combination of steak is a good value for money for the customers. In addition to our steak, we have other popular items on the menu such as spicy seafood spaghetti, Caesar salad, spaghetti soup and desserts. There are many choices of food in our restaurant.

Jeffer is a restaurant that emphasizes an easy-going and relaxed atmosphere inside the shop so that the customers can easily sit, chat, develop relationships, meet business contacts, have business lunches and so on. Jeffer is a good choice for customers who have a limited amount of time for their meal. Every meal is cooked fresh and no food is prepared in advance. Our customers always receive good value in terms of food, service, taste and a reasonable price.

From December 31, 2016, there are a total of 80 Jeffer Restaurants in Thailand. In the Bangkok area, there are 36 branches while upcountry there are 44 branches. These branches are in department stores and provincial areas focusing on business and residential areas so that it is easy and convenient for customers to reach the restaurants.

Target Group

Our target market is students and university students who have their own style and enjoy eating steak and a variety of foods with a group of their friends as well being conscious of the value of their money.

Currently, Jeffer is popular among teenagers, students and young adults just beginning to work because Jeffer’s menu can respond to the needs of that target group.