Wave Group recognizes the importance of operating responsibly towards society, internal and external environment of the organization in order to comply with the its CSR vision in operating its business while ensuring the development of social and environmental sustainability. The Board of Directors has set a mission to guide the operation of the Company as follow:


The Company aims to be the leader in lifestyle & entertainment by focuses on improving its product quality and maintaining a unique identity in its effort to entertain and fulfil the lifestyles of the customers and consumers.


In order to achieve its goals and objectives in its management, the Company has set out the following missions:

  • To constantly improve the products, services and entertainment business to satisfy the constantly changing demands of the customers and consumers.
  • To recognize the need to improve the human resources of the Company to be skilled and efficient and ensure creativity and product improvement of the Company.
  • To operate the business in accordance with good management principles.
  • To further realize the importance of being socially responsible and therefore, support the Thai people to live a better quality life.